Global Warming, the new bogey man

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Via Flopping aces He has lots of interesting stuff.


Barry Dauphin said...

And, of course, one of the little ironies of life is that recycling often is either ineffective or uses more resources. And anything that is ineffective is a waste of time and resources.

corbusier said...

Even the architectural profession has fallen lockstep with the Al Gore bandwagon. It's one thing to design as efficiently as possible, but it's another to think that doing so will make much of a difference to our climate in one hundred years. Check out what I have to say about this on my blog:

Knucklehead said...

Flopping Aces points to an American Thinker article,, in which James Lewis closes with:

So watch for Al Gore to run out of steam in a couple of years. Soon the Greens will be looking for another false alarm to scare the chickens with. What will it be? Asteroids crunching the earth? Aliens from outer space? That old stand-by, the international Jewish conspiracy? Regardless, you know who will be wearing the White Hats and the Black Hats. Because the story always stays the same. Only the details are changed.

Chickens lead intensely boring lives. As much as we yearn to emulate the boring existence of chickens wherein we are kept safe and fed and used and sacrificed only according to the supreme wisdom of The Keeper rather than some seemingly random machinations of a "marketplace" of human economic and political intercourse. We just cannot tolerate that much boredom and uncertainty.

The brief excitements of The Keeper arriving with food and then the squabbles over that food and, ocassionally, sex or roost, just aren't enough.

We lust also for the additional and more thrilling excitement of being frightened. We must have something to be frightened about. But it cannot be something we can see or that requires us to place ourselves in actual danger or even recognize the dangers around us. It must be something beyond ordinary understanding - something we can imagine but not see. It cannot be murdering fanatics - we can see them and the havoc they cause. It must be something larger than our intellects.

Something like, earth, or god. Since we've formally and officially rejected god we grab for earth or, for the moment, climate.

Once we are in the midst of our desired fear fix we must look for the one who will save us - The Keeper, of course. We want to be both frightened and saved. Any would be Keeper who stokes up the fear and promises to save us from the danger will have great political success because he is providing what we want.

Matters like Global Warming are, however, subject to experience even chickens can recognize. When 2012 has arrived and Gaia has not burst into flames as Al Gore told us it would, we'll lose faith. In fact, as the Time Of The Promised Apocalypse approaches and there are still snow storms and cold snaps and hurricanes cannot be shown to be both more numerous and wildly stronger, the faithful will leave the churches. And they will reject the "science" that lied to them and look for a more nebulous and less easily debunked threat.

When that happens the Jews will be, yet again, the chosen victims.

As much as I loathe Al Gore I must admit that there is method to his madness. He recognizes that his scam has a shelf life and he is milking it fast and furious before it sours. Plus he gets the added satisfaction of working his scam on the plebes who rejected him. He's loving it.