Saturday fun

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mozart's widow is one of the people in this photo. Which one she is?

Al Gore appears in this poster. Can you find him?

Answers below the fold.

a) Ha, ha. The Constanza photo is a fraud. Welcome to the Internet, suckers.

b) I can't find him myself. I think he's hidden behind that soldier in the foreground.


David Thomson said...

"Ha, ha. The Constanza photo is a fraud."

It is not a fraud. She is the second person on the left in the first row. I would recognize her anywhere. She used to be my next door neighbor. Constanza was having a wild affair with a guy named Salieri. The whore did not wait even one day after her husband's burial.

Knucklehead said...

Finally! A photo that at least scratches the surface of the deeply heroic nature of the man! Sigh... I am smitten.