This is a test

Friday, February 02, 2007
I made the potential mistake of letting blogger put me over to the New Blogger for my personal blog --- which is a test blog largely full of greeking --- but became unable to post to the old-style blogs ... like Flares.

It looks like this has been fixed. But I ain't impressed.


Rick Ballard said...

"But I ain't impressed."

Google's a long short. Kinda like Airbus.

Syl said...


I wanted to start a personal blog too. Glad you're the guinea pig. I had no idea what would happen if I tried.

Barry Dauphin said...

Hi StY,

I was considering moving my personal blog over to the new blogger, but it looked like it was trying to move "me" over (as in every blog I'm on. Can you just move one blog over without affecting anything else?

Seneca the Younger said...

Barry, yes and no. If you move over, then you're on the new blogger for all *your* blogs. (That's what happened to me.) The owner of the blog has to move a group blog, so flares won't move until MHA goes.

Syl said...

I switched over.

Now trying to figure how I can access YARGB. I'll get there! Never fear!

or whatever...

Syl said...

Okay...not so bad (don't know how it was when you were trying).

I can sign on here as different users. With my 'old' yargb id I can access the Dashboard and Yargb. With new id I can access Dashboard for new blog (which I haven't created yet).

Syl said...


'Old' ID is your original ID you used for YARGB. 'New' ID is your Google ID.

I don't see a place to switch ID's at the Dashboard (may just not be seeing it.)

But I can come over here and comment and switch id when I do.

Then going directly to Dashboard gives me the blog for the id I used to comment with here.

Confused? Don't be! Stay tuned to the next episode!

terrye said...

I am confused.

Syl said...


Do you already have your own Blog, separate from YARGB, that you access from the Dashboard?

If not, are you planning one right now (before MHA moves YARGB over)?

If the answer to both questions is 'No' then don't worry about confusion.

If the answer to either is 'Yes' then I'll try to explain..

Syl said...

Okay...if you've moved to the NEW BLGGGER you MUST use your Google account. The old is no longer accepted.

But the Dashboard gives you YARGB now--and says it's under the Old Blogger.

Don't have to switch identities.

Just a FYI.

I don't know if EVERYONE whether they've moved or not has to now use a Google account.

If you're locked out of commenting here for some reason, that may be it.

Bird Dog said...

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