Nonbinding nonsense

Friday, February 16, 2007
The House voted today 246-182 on a nonbinding resolution against the surge. 17 Republicans voted for the resolution and 2 Democrats voted against it. I wonder why it is if they are so sure they have public opinion on their side...they did not go ahead and make it a binding resolution? The Cowards.


lurker said...

I think this takes away more chances for the Democrats to win in '08.

Ron Paul used to represent my district until redistricting of our state. Now Ron Paul represents the district next to mine.

I knew that Ron Paul has never supported the war and has gone whacko on certain things.

He is one of the 17 WFR's.

I swore two years ago that I will not vote for him again. Today he gave me another reason not to vote for him.

I guess we need to write to NRC and NRCC to inform them that I will not contribute donations to them as long as they support these 17 WFRs.

Big Lizards has a good post on why Murtha's resolution will not pass.

David Thomson said...

The Democrats will regret this day. They have revealed their George McGovern mindset to the American voters. Many Americans are upset with the war in Iraq---but that's not the same thing as actually embracing pacifism. A political party apprearing to be weak on defense issues should be soundly defeated in the next election. Nixon beat McGovern by something like a 61% to 39% percent margin. History may very well repeat itself.

chuck said...

I notice that Brad Ellsworth voted for the resolution. Is this what the folks there in Indiana voted for?

terrye said...


No, it is not and I let his office know that. I will be telling some folks I told you so. Hostettler was not a lot better when it came to the war however, he was so far right he was Buchanan. So Ellsworth was not considered a big change in that regard.

terrye said...

This is the email I sent to Ellsworth:

I was very disappointed in Congressman Ellsworth's vote for Defeat yesterday in the House's passage of the useless and politically motivated anti surge resolution.

I have relatives who have fought in Iraq, they believe in what they are doing. It seems the Democratic party does not believe in them. Demcorats can pass this off as support for the troops...but it is plain what it is surrender. You might as well hang a white flag over the Capitol. I told people in my district that Ellsworth was no Blue Dog Democrat. He would in fact be Pelosi's poodle if elected. This vote proved me right and it proved that if Democrats are forced to choose between political grandstanding and standing up for our troops...they will go with the grandstanding. It is McGovern's party once again. For shame.

lurker said...

I can't stand how Harry Reid manipulated the Saturday plans of the Senate to vote on cloture at 12:45 pm EST today withOUT debate.

Talk about democracy! (or lack thereof)

Check Ed Morrissey's post about today's vote.