It never stops

Saturday, February 24, 2007
Jules Crittenden has a post up on the story CBS is doing on the 1,000 active duty military coming out against the Iraq War:

CBS will be trotting out some anti-war vets for a big special tomorrow. USMC Sgt. Liam Madden and about 1,000 others who want to squawk but are unwilling to face court martial for their beliefs like Lt. Watada. They sent a petition to Congress under a whistleblower provision:

“Just because we volunteered for the military doesn’t mean we volunteered to put our lives in unnecessary harm and to carry out missions that are illogical and immoral,” says Madden.

I noticed an interesting post in the comments concerning another kind of soldier... these guys are looking for support for the war. This is their site and petition over at Appeal for Courage. Needless to say CBS won't be doing a story on them anytime soon.