Third Party?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I have very little respect for either of the men in the photo above. "Independents" and "mavericks" have very rarely added anything of substance to the field of governance. These two are no exception.

That said, it is an interesting historical note that Joe Lieberman (now wearing that (I) behind his name) is now the most powerful man in the Senate. Senator Tim Johnson's recovery appears to be proceeding well but anyone who understands the potential ramifications of the injury involved would have limited expectations of seeing him on the Senate floor this year. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery but it is a very long process.

Good ol' Independent Joe can stroll accross the aisle in a 50-49 Senate any time he feels.. well, independent, and there is not one damn thing the Dems can do about it. Will the thrill of such independence lead to the creation of an Independent Maverick Party? Given the egos of the men involved, it's a definite possibility - especially if Giuliani is still outpolling McCain by September.

Would such a third party run occasion a vote split that would give us the horror of a third Clinton administration? That would be a very likely outcome. If it occurrs I'll be happy to place the responsibility at the feet of 'Keating Five' Maverick McCain.


terrye said...


I doubt if they will run on a ticket like that and I think if they did it would probably make HC president.

One thing about McCain, a lot of people like him. I know pundits don't like him and partisans don't much care for him but a lot of regular people do and the same is true with Rudy.

And McCain did come up with an Iraq resolution that might very well keep the Congressional Republicans from completely disgracing themselves.

Rick Ballard said...


What is the purpose of offering any resolution in compromise? Why not just deny cloture or demand an up or down vote on the most ridiculous of the Democrats resolutions?

There's a reason why the only legislation bearing McCain's name is a piece of garbage and there's a reason why he was never, ever referred to as Chairman McCain. I'll certainly acknowledge that the Senate does not lack for self aggrandizing political poseurs on either side of the aisle but McCain is a standout.

terrye said...

Rick I would prefer that there was no resoltuion, but it seems that is not going to I would prefer that if there has to be one that it not be a call for surrender.

And you know something else? McCain spent years of his life as a POW, he is not the enemy. He deserves more respect than that.

I just wish we could get to the place where it was possible to have a political disagreement without the vitriol, but I guess that is aksing too much.

terrye said...

BTW Rick, McCain may not be popular with certain members of the partisan right wing of the Republican party but I know a lot of men, especially veterans who are conservative to moderate and they think this kind of attack on McCain is bizarre. I have asked a lot of them what they think of the dislike conservatives have of McCain and they just brush it off like it was a joke.

So maybe McCAin is not the only one out of touch.

Rick Ballard said...


Just list his accomplishments as a lawmaker. Or even an accomplishment within the party.

There's a very good reason why no one has heard of 'Chairman' McCain. John Kerry received 48% of the popular vote - would he be a "better man" had he received 50.1%?

McCain exceeds Kerry in accomplishment in the Senate only because he teamed up with Feingold to abrogate the First Amendment - as recompense, one might suppose, for having had his time in Keating's vest pocket exposed for public view.

What does McCain's time as a POW (which will be scrutinized every bit as thoroughly as Kerry's VN service) have to do with his suitability for an executive position?

terrye said...


I am talking about the fact that there is going to be a vote on that damn resoltuion whether we like it or not and McCain might be able to get us one that is less damaging. So blow that off if you like.

I am not a big fan of McCain's. As far as that is concerned list Rudy's accomplshments or Romney's on a national stage. Hell, I like Fred Thompson as well as any of them but I could not list a lot of accomplishments for the man.

My point is that there are a lot of people out there who like and respect McCain and a lot of them are not liberal Democrats. My neighbor is a career military guy working at Crane Naval Base and he loves him. Gale would vote for him and he is conservative. Just yesterday I have a client, a veteran and an Independent who says McCain is a lot better than any Democrat out there. These are not weird or strange people who just want a maverick, they trust him on the military stuff.

And I think that getting so nasty and personal with a man who spent years as a POW and did not break is tacky. If you do not support him or think he is too willing to work with Democrats or whatever fine, don't support him...but there are a lot of people out there who respect the man and his service to his country.

I doubt that he can get the nomination and I doubt that he will run on a third party ticket, but I am tired of seeing him and Lieberman treated like crap by their own parties considering the fact that so far at least both of them have hung in there on the WOT, which is more than can be said for a lot of these people.