We Need to Elect This Man

Thursday, February 15, 2007

This would really piss off the radical muslims.


David Thomson said...

I am pushing hard for a Rudy Giuliani/Joe Lieberman ticket. We need to stop wasting time on all of the other candidates. None of them are viable. If nothing else, John McCain is too old. This issue will become more potent if and when the MSM begins to fear him. Mitt Romney is "too Mormon." In other words, he is not Harry Reid. Did I ever say the world is fair? John F. Kennedy was able to overcome his Catholicism because the liberal establishment adored him---and knew that he was only a nominal member of the Church of Rome. The more conservative Romney will not be cut the same slack.

Is Giuliani personally too liberal on the social issues? It should not make any real difference. He promises to appoint only strict constructionist judges. Giuliani seems to be a man who can be trusted.