Upon Further Reflection....

Monday, February 05, 2007
(via Brothers Judd)

"I have to say [cuz I'm runnin'] -- I've changed my mind about partial birth abortion. Until very recently, I'd never actually seen the procedure. I watched a video of one, and it’s horrific. A doctor friend of mine explained in a dispassionate, clinical way how it works -- how the baby's brain is sucked out of its head. It changed my whole view of it. I don't know anyone who wouldn't be changed by that. If people don't like that, sorry."

Rudy: I Would Appoint (Judges Like) Scalia, Alito and Roberts
[You sure as hell will if you want to be reelected.]
"On the Federal judiciary I would want judges who are strict constructionists because I am. I'm a lawyer. I've argued cases in the Supreme Court. I've argued cases in the Court of Appeals in different parts of the country. I have a very, very strong view that for this country to work, for our freedoms to be protected, judges have to interpret not invent the Constitution. Otherwise you end up, when judges invent the constitution, with your liberties being hurt.

Now, about the little problem that you've had with the Second Amendment - let's try and get that fixed tout sweety, OK Rudy? You have an excellent proven record as an executive, we know that you can lead under pressure, but it would be a big help if you did a little duck hunting with Antonin. Try for a brace of Bicoastal Blues while you're at it.


terrye said...


I own guns. Gale owns an arsenal and so I think it is safe to say that both of us are strong supporters of the second amendment..but that does not mean that I think either one of us should be able to own any kind of weapon we want. I can't imagine us shooting down low flying aircraft, but there are people out there who do those sorts of things.

Sometimes I wonder how much of this has to do with Rudy being a big city mayor where gun ownership often transaltes into gun battles in the streets rather than self defence. That does not change the constituion of course and I stand by the constitution, but then again freedom of speech does not mean screaming fire in a crowded theatre either.

Rudy will probably have to make some changes in his stance to get the nomination, however.

As for partial birth abortion, my Grandmother told me a story once of a relative of hers who died in child birth. I do not think any woman should have to do like that. This kind of procedure is very rare and I would not support it unless it was literally a matter of life and death, but the option has to be there sometimes.Sad but true. Life ain't a fairy tale, there is not always a happy ending.