Is it just me?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
.. or is anyone else getting more than a little irritated with these "Save Darfur" ads on TV that finish with the tart imperative "President Bush: Stop the Genocide!"

Do these pea-brains seriously think those of us who do not partake of the Kool-Aid (presumably their target audience) will actually be fooled by their feeble attempt at triangulating yet another issue they fail to properly grasp?


MeaninglessHotAir said...

It's just downright weird. Has the whole country suddenly become stupid?

The instant that President Bush sent troops into Darfur, there would be endless protests and candlelight vigils against the war. Prominent Hollywood fuzz-brains would give endless speeches on their opposition to Bush's militaristic imperialism.

People can't have it both ways: either we have a military presence and we use it to support our interests, or we just let sleeping dogs lie.

jd watson said...

The commercial that irritates me is the Children's "Tick, tick, tick ..." warning of the dangers of global warming and pleading we immediately do something (unspecified) to insure their future.

They apparently think I am so stupid that I rely on the opinions of indoctrinated children about complex, disputed scientific matters.

Rick Ballard said...

"Has the whole country suddenly become stupid?"

The NEA has been working on that for forty years and I think they're getting close.

ex-democrat said...

charley brown, lucy and a football come to mind.

terrye said...

I had that talk with some lefty and he told me I was stupid if I thought it had anything to do with the military.

It seems a severe tongue lashing would do the trick if only Bush cared. But he doesn't. Just like Katrina he does not care about black people. That bad bad man.

Dumbasses. and yes it is irritating. Let George Clooney hop on his private jet and fly to the Sudan and give those folks a piece of his mind instead of yammering about Bush. Just see what that gets him.