Loose Lips

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Greenspan says there is a possibility of a recession by the end of the year and the next thing you know markets are slipping all over the world. The Chinese markets tank {for fear of interest rates hike and US recession} and we see a drop of over 400 points on Wall Street within a day.

Well there is a possibility that I will win the powerball too, but I am not holding my breath.

I believe in world trade and all that, in fact I think world trade is more likely to lead to world peace than the transnational multilateral post modern relativist psycho babble new age feel good let's all just be friends hocus pocus cuddly movements ever will.

But when one things leads to another and in 24 hours markets all over the world can decline without anything actually happening to make them decline...maybe we are a little too global.

BTW I hate new blogger. I wanted to add an update and can not figure out how to make the font do what I want it to do.

Anyway, the market slide continues. I blame the Democrats. They win Congress and in no time things start going to hell.


Knucklehead said...

I have no analysis to link to and am nobody's idea of an economics expert but I seriously doubt that the cause of the Chinese stock market, ummm..., correction is the result of fear about US interest rate hikes or even US recession. It likely has far more to do with very serious structural weaknesses in their own economy, particularly the banking system.

gumshoe1 said...

no use blaming Dems.

they don't take responsibility
for anything.

terrye said...


tis true