The energy bill barely passes 212-210. Is the world insane?

Saturday, October 08, 2005
Many congressional bills have little direct impact on our daily lives. A spending bill, for instance, involving millions of dollars isn’t really all that important to the typical American. At the end of the day, it may mean less than a mere fraction of a penny to an individual’s pocketbook. Not so, the energy bill which barely passed last night by a 212-210 margin. This involves real money---maybe thousand of dollars to your family’s annual budget. And yet, those who do the bidding of the environmental extremists almost won. How many people even knew about his most important piece of legislation? Shouldn’t a Democrat, who supposedly is looking out for the “little guy” be especially eager to see this bill passed? By all rights, no politicians should dare vote no. It should threaten their reelection chances. What explains this madness?


terrye said...


I saw part of that and it was like watching pre schoolers fighting over the same tonka toy.

The Democrats tried to say the Republicans were breaking rules by keeping the vote open and on and on.

Screaming, yelling sheesh.

Syl said...

The Dem leadership is failing its followers by keeping them in the dark. It's just politics. Allow their followers to hate the oil companies and they will get more votes.

The Dem leadership knows damn well that incentives for the energy sector are the proverbial good thing to spur innovation.

But the KOS kids are complaining about the money going to the energy companies.

The Dem leadership doesn't need to do a thing. Legislation that they know is good for the country can pass, and they can blame the Republicans for it.

What a circus! What a fraud!

Knucklehead said...

The Bill is H.R. 3893.

I had to scan online reporting of the House vote in the San Fransisco Chronicle, Science Daily, and the Seattle Post Intelligencer before finally discovering the actual Bill number at BusinessWeek Online.

In this day and age when anyone with a computer can go look at the actual legislation (and many other source documents for nearly any topic at hand), why isn't it common practice to point people to the actual proposed legislation?

Just curious.

David Thomson said...

“But the KOS kids are complaining about the money going to the energy companies”

And yes, the Democratic Party is responding to the rants of the immature Kos Kids. Only an economic illiterate believes that oil companies are able to arbitrarily conspire against the general public. The reality is that the free market forces them to be competitive. Our current laws are more than sufficient to curtail marketplace collusion. I am trying not to be rude, but Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson is not exactly a brilliant man. He “ voted against it.

   “[The bill] offers absolutely nothing by way of a solution to the supply issues we've faced post-Katrina, offers absolutely nothing to stem the tide of rising fuel costs and has no teeth when it comes to stopping price-gouging,” Matheson said in a statement. “Worse yet, it reduces the federal government's ability to eliminate price-gouging."”

Matheson’s friends should gently guide him out of the room so that he will no longer make such a fool of himself. Just remember, this idiocy is costing you money. The Democrats can no longer be legitimately perceived as the defender of the common person’s pocketbook. They now place a higher priority on catering to the whims of the crazed environmentalist elites---who are often far more affluent than the rest of us.

ContraryPelican said...

As a point of curious coincidence, the first person I saw on local news (which at the time was way ahead of national news) bashing FEMA was Congressman Melancon. I saw in the local paper today that he was one of just two Louisiana Congressmen to vote against that Energy Bill.