Live New Orleans Update

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I just received this email from a friend who has moved back to New Orleans (her house is in the Garden District, a part that was not flooded).
The situation in New Orleans is still rather scary because the economy in a large part of the city is at a stand still. The mayor is about to lay off 3,000 city workers. People aren't spending money in the city which is keeping the government from getting sales taxes. My father may lose a lot of patients. The water is not drinkable which may be keeping people away. Our part of the city is open but a lot of people have not moved back. Starbucks cannot open while the water is undrinkable. A great many people have lost their homes entirely.

I cannot get in touch with my doctor. The entire hospital in uptown is closed. Noone even answers the phone. I could run out of medication.


terrye said...

Who should come back first? The citizens or the people the citizens need to survive?