Man Charged With Murdering Wandering Girl's Mom

Saturday, October 01, 2005

If you have been watching cable news at all the past few days you may have seen this little girl. Her Mom, it turns out was murdered by her live-in boy friend. He then left this lovely child abandoned on the street. She was rescued and is now with a foster mom. Her clues led to the creep's arrest.

Questions for readers: How much coverage will the NYT give to the perpetrator's prosecution and sentencing? How will that story compare with the story featured immediately below? Does the perp, if convicted, deserve death, life in prison, or some lesser penalty if the facts of the linked article turn out to be true?

Discuss in light of the NYT feature cited below.


David Thomson said...

It does not bother me in the slightest if this man (if found guilty) either suffers capital punishment or spends the rest of his life behind bars. Not only did he allegedly murder the mother---but he also put the young girl at great risk. What would have happened to her if a child molester had found her first? Once again, it would send a message to those contemplating committing similar crimes.

Rick Ballard said...

Ha, another attempt to make a jackass out of me with the law.

OK, I'll play.

I bet that the NYT gives this a paragraph upon disposition. The guy fits the NYT "universal victim" profile so he's not worth covering unless they can tie it in some way to his having been influenced by the class dominated patriarchal economic system.

I'll bet it doesn't go to trial either. A decent public defender is going to want to cut the best deal possible - which won't be too good because the DA won't drop this high a profile case to manslaughter. I'd bet on a murder in the second degree sentence of 30 years with lesser charges running concurrently.

If the perpetrator hadn't dumped the kid I'd bet on manslaughter. This appears to be a case of low impulse-control coupled with stupidity rather than malice.


The guys that commit this type of crime don't receive messages.

vnjagvet said...

This person is alleged to be a physician, having graduated from medical school in his (and the mom's) native country, Bolivia. Somehow, to me his impulse control seems spotty, rather than uniformly deficient.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

It would never have happened if Bush had signed Kyoto.

Rick Ballard said...


Where does the information on his background come from?

vnjagvet said...


See the new post above.

terrye said...


Or is he had not stole the 2000 election in the first place.

But isn't she a beautiful child.

I wonder how many people have offered to adopt her?