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Sunday, November 19, 2006
The American Thinker: "George W. Bush qualified for that training by virtue of having a college degree, being in excellent health, and being willing to commit several years of his life to a role for which there were constant shortages. He did not jump to the front of any line: for what he was qualified to do, there was no line! Yes, there was a line for non-degreed enlistees wanting to be in the ANG, but in the officer positions required of pilot trainees, the ANG was begging for applicants. No doubt most of the recent Yale grads were out helping the poor.

Mr. Schorr is well aware of these facts, but slyly keeps re-playing the canard that Mr. Bush somehow exhibited cowardice and took advantage of family connections when he volunteered to undergo several years of full-time, dangerous as hell, flight training. I would wager that Mr. Schorr has never done anything half so brave – I know I haven’t – and it is about time he and NPR apologized for the knowing slander he is allowed to utter on your radio network nearly every week."


vnjagvet said...
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Fresh Air said...

Yet another Red-diaper baby exhibiting his Bush-derangement syndrome.

I will be awfully glad when Schorr and all his ilk are pushing up daisies so we can move on to more important things than Vietnam.

vnjagvet said...

I heard that program. Schorr's cheap shot was subtle but clearly intended.

Two points:

First, because there was a draft, there were many soldiers, sailors and airmen on duty during the Vietnam era. There were comparatively few volunteers for Vietnam service. Most of us that went followed our orders do go. We did not look for trouble.

Second, how does this cheap shot contribute to anything relevant to today's political debate?

terrye said...

If I remember correctly Howard Dean said he had a bad back, got a medical deferment and then went skiing. Bill Clinton went to GB and ignored his draft notice.

Shcorr is an old fart who should have retired years ago. He might keep bringing this up because he forgets what year it is.

Skookumchuk said...

fresh air:

It is amazing how these lefty geriatrics manage to hang on. And with advances in medical technology... :-)

But - while I seldom listen to NPR - when I do I'm astounded at the ages of the commentators and newsreaders. It is a kind of Lawrence Welk Show for Boomer "intellectuals."

Fresh Air said...


Glad you put intellectuals in quotes. Bunch of superannuated idiotarians is more like it.