Don Surber: Dem victory brings chaos to Iraq

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Don Surber: Dem victory brings chaos to Iraq: "It always amazes me, but no longer surprises, how the “peaceniks” always wind up creating more chaos, more deaths and more misery. The American pullout in Vietnam led not to peace, but to the fall of Saigon and the killing fields of Cambodia, where evil men killed 2 million people."


Bo Naidal said...

Yes, wouldn't you know it, it's all democracy's fault. I mean really, give me a break!

Bo Naidal

Buddy Larsen said...

Why, do you need one?

Syl said...

No, it's not democracy's fault. The fault lies solely with the Democrats whose lust for power made them blind to the results of their flaming exaggerated rhetoric about Iraq.

The only way they saw themelves regaining power was to lie about Iraq. Yes LIE. They lied about our reasons for going, they lied about Bush lying, they lied about 'No Plan!', they lied about what we were accomplishing. They fed the dreams of the insurgents and jihadis and lied some more for effect.

Iraq has almost become a self-fulfilling prophecy of the Democrats!

So the Democrats gain power and what do they do about Iraq? What's their plan? Nothing! They're leaving that to someone else to figure out!

They're not only liars, they're cowards.

In case anyone is wondering what I REALLY feel let me tell you: I feel only contempt for the Democrats and all the lying horses they rode in on!