Distrustful? Who us?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
The Anchoress has trust issues:

So, who are the rubes here, the folks in the press who use questionable information and pictures to tell their stories, or the bloggers who check this stuff out at the risk of being called “partisans” (snort! Hello, Kettle? Black!) and being lectured to about making “premature” assertions.

Premature. You know. Like all year we read that Bush’s prescription plan is…a fiasco. but yesterday we read Success of Drug Plan Challenges Democrats and some in the press suggested that the Dems don’t need to fix what works well and is cost-efficient. Was the press premature in describing the plan Bush signed “a fiasco” and more?

I have never forgotten Evan Thomas pronouncing that the press would give Kerry/Edwards “ten to fifteen percent” more votes than they would have ordinarily gotten. And they did it, too. John Kerry was such an awful candidate the 2004 election should never have been as close as it was, (and the dubious vote in Wisconsin and elsewhere never were really scrutinized). We heard the press talk to everyone, right down to the ANG Dentist, about Bush’s “fake” service (although little of his moronic skill in flying the notoriously difficult F102 fighter jets), but never anything on the legitimate questions surrounding John Kerry’s own (”heroic”) service.

Gee…why would those “right-wing bloggers” be so damn suspicious of the press? The press is getting almost everything right…just a few little oopsies and boo-boos here and there…right?

I a meeean old right-wing blogger, to bring all this up, I know. Except I still believe I am a classical liberal at heart, searching for a home. And I’m still an idealist. I still want to believe that our free press is indeed free and not encumbered by agendas, partisan-hackery, laziness and some malicious intent. I want to believe that when someone like Vaughn Ververs (a good writer whom I like very much) writes, “at least the media is focused on Iraq” that this might be a good thing, holding some promise, and not a shudder-inducing moment helping to create a real fiasco.

As always, read it all.