The American Thinker

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
The American Thinker: "The realists want the U.S. out of Iraq. So do the Iranians. The realists want stability in the region. So do the Iranians. The realists, in light of their record, don’t really care by what means they accomplish this. Neither do the Iranians."


terrye said...

I think this is bullshit.

The Iranians and the realists are the same?

You know if this study group comes out and Gulliani and Baker have not called for the surrender of our forces to Iran these people are going to feel really stupid and they should.

Everyone wants us out of Iraq, I want us out of Iraq. I want us to do what needs to be done to end the violence there, stability is not a dirty word. In fact if they do not bring stability to the region democracy will fail.