Going for a blast into the real past

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Going for a blast into the real past: "If his experiment with splitting photons actually works, says University of Washington physicist John Cramer, the next step will be to test for quantum 'retrocausality.'

That's science talk for saying he hopes to find evidence of a photon going backward in time."


Luther McLeod said...

Great stuff. I have never thought 'entanglement' could/would be explained in my lifetime. 'spooky' indeed.

Syl said...
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Syl said...

The experiment seems so simple (to envision, anyway) that I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. Yeah, well, I know the technology to carry out the experiment has to exist first.

The original slit experiment was only a thought experiment for how many decades until it was actually tried?

So, what are the actual assumptions we must question because of entanglement?

The particles are discreet.
There is interaction.
At the quantum level time does exist.

If this experiment succeeds, those assumptions are still in place if we accept the result as meaning signalling can go backwards in time.

terrye said...