Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gale and I will be having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner of ham and mashed potatoes and devilled eggs and chocolate cake and buttered corn. What's that? Turkey you say? Gale does not like turkey, or cranberry sauce or dressing or pumpkin pie. Love is blind they say and I am living proof of it.

Have a nice day everyone.


David Thomson said...

"Gale does not like turkey"

He must be a Communist. You should report him to the authorities. God bless.

terrye said...

Nah, he is not a communist. he is just weird. God bless you David.

Skookumchuk said...

I need to take Gale turkey hunting. Doesn't taste at all like the supermarket stuff. He might change his mind. And there is always sweet potato pie. And my English grandma's mincemeat pie.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Syl said...

I don't care for turkey myself, nor cranberries--except on Thanksgiving. :)

But I'm having ham today too.

Pumpkin pie? LOVE IT!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

terrye said...


This guy hunts. I have part of a dead Bambi in my freezer right now. But he does not like turkey and by God that is that. I even thought of deep frying one but he said forget it.

pain in the ass.

And how can you not like pumpkin pie?

Skookumchuk said...


That's why I suggested sweet potato. Whole different thing.

My wife made an apple and a pumpkin pie last night. Now I can hardly go out to the kitchen because the idea of having maybe 1/4 of the apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on top for breakfast is too overwhelming. I begged her to make another one this morning and that I would help, but she said "no" - she wants to read the friggin paper. So I'm microwaving lasagna for breakfast instead.

chuck said...

And how can you not like pumpkin pie?

I hated pumpkin pie until age six. Then one day while playing outside I got a sudden urge to have some. Strange.

terrye said...


He won't eat sweet potatoes either. Like I said, weird.

he even hates cherries.

Skookumchuk said...

But your menu sounds nice. And I love deviled eggs.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gale!

terrye said...

I also made a green beans seasoned with new potatoes and bacon. It was a pork day.

Thanks MHA, I hope you and your family have a nice time. No talking politics!

loner said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

The bakery down the road had a rather sizable crowd waiting for pies when I went in to get a sandwich and I noticed one mince (fruit variety) while I was waiting. A friend used to make real mincemeat when I lived in the Bay Area, but it's been a long while since I had either type so I bought it. Very tasty.

Turkey here. First time for me and my wife since we met when we aren't with members of one or the other of our families.

terrye said...


I talked to my brother but other than that not a lot of family. There are a lot of things I don't like about getting older, but losing family is the worst.

I hope you and your wife have a happy day anyway.