Bill Roggio Reports

Monday, November 20, 2006
Bill Roggio is working his way around Africa and the ME again with some excellent reporting. He provides a good quote from a piece by Michael Fumento -
During [the sniper team's] deployment, [team leader SSgt. Ken] Cooke's handful of snipers (the exact number is under wraps) with those 120 kills have accounted for about a fifth of the total known kills of the 1/506th. Meanwhile enemy snipers, though generally the most skilled of the enemy fighters and armed primarily with good 7.62 millimeter Soviet Dragunov sniper rifles, have killed 1 member of the battalion. The battalion plus its support units have lost a total of 8 men while killing about 600 – a stunning ratio of 75:1. Think about that the next time you hear of the prowess of the enemy.
Getting the information out on this kind of kill ratio will make watching the civil war a bit easier to take. Ramadi seems to be a very attractive kill zone for the moment. Maybe the 506th could hold a competition with the Sunni sheiks?

It couldn't hurt.


terrye said...

And Fallujah has turned into a safe haven.