And another one bites the dust

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
I shudder to think what the next two years will be like if Pelosi screws up as bad after she is sworn in as she has thus far. First Murtha gets nixed and now Hastings gets the news he will not be heading the Intel Committee. Harman? No.... probably Reyes. I wonder just what Jane did to Nancy? Meowwwww.


Knucklehead said...

I've seen somewhere that Rush Holt is also a possible candidate. I suppose there could be worse choices (such as Hayseed Alstings).

Rick Ballard said...

Maybe "Abscam Jack" Murtha, "Cold Cash" Jefferson and "What Bribes?" Hastings should form their own caucus - Miz Nancy can join when the dirt on her husband's efforts to bleach San Francisco through bribing Willy are revealed. They could bring in "Clean Bob" Menendez and make it bi-cameral.

They better hurry though - 'Clean Bob' might be indicted before he's sworn in.

terrye said...

I heard Reyes is a possiblity. Nahh, too sane.