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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Climate Audit - by Steve McIntyre » The 2006 Hurricane Season: "Storm and hurricane days are each off 30%; cat 3+ days by 50% and cat 4+ days by 54%. Hurricane days were at their lowest levels since 1989 and storm days at their lowest levels since Dvorak measurements were introduced in the Pacific in 1987. To my knowledge, this is the first quantitative report of these 2006 hurricane results. Emanuel had something in print using 2005 hurricane data in December 2005 (Reply to Landsea). What’s the over/under on when Emanuel and/or Webster/Curry will report on 2006 results in peer reviewed literature?"


Skookumchuk said...

As soon as the Disaster Porn [Weather] Channel started featuring those breathless documentaries about how we were due for more and more Katrinas all due to global warming, I knew in my bones that the season was apt to be quiet.

Cute anchorbabes, though.

Syl said...

The Weather Channel isn't 100% on board with global warming nor its causes.

And remember one of the leading hurricane experts often cited (not on their staff--that guy in Colorado) is a skeptic.

Call it Disaster Porn if you wish, but the shows are good. Jim Cantore loves weather and his enthusiasm is one of the reasons I love following it myself.

As for hurricanes, I'm simply relieved this season was so quiet. As I understand it, the main factor suppressing hurricanes this season was upper level wind currents. Which just goes to show that many factors contribute to the number and intensity of hurricans and that attributing one, and only one, factor as the cause is just plain stupid.

Barry Dauphin said...

The fact that the hurricane season was mild will likely be portrayed as "evidence' for the idea that global warming creates "extremes" in weather or great "Inconsistencies". Watch this sucker get played up differently. Moving the goal posts.

Skookumchuk said...


...great "Inconsistencies". Should be easy to do, then.

At least were spared the "valiant weather reporter hunched over in the driving rain and yelling at the camera" antics of 2005...