I love Bolton

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Pierre Gemayal, Christian leader, was assasinated in Lebanon. Bush calls it terrorism and Bolton is brutally honest:

The United States has accused Syria and Iran of plotting to topple Saniora's government, which is dominated by politicians opposed to Syrian influence in Lebanon.

Referring to an investigation into the assassination in 2005 of Hariri, who also tried to limit Syrian influence in the country, Bolton told reporters: "I think people can draw their own conclusions" about the Gemayel killing.

Asked whether the U.N. Security Council should continue a tribunal investigating the Hariri killing because of the "instability" it has created, Bolton lashed out.

"How incredibly wrong that would be. How incredibly wrong that would be. Instability? They're killing people in Lebanon. They're assassinating political leaders. Not the time to seek justice? There may be those on the Security Council who say it. Let them step forward and say it," Bolton said.

I sure hope he gets to keep this job.


David Thomson said...

"I sure hope he gets to keep this job."

At the very worst, President Bush could give John Bolton another recess appointment. His supporters can then provide him with financial help.

Buddy Larsen said...

The quote doesn't convey the power of the statement--I saw it on tv, and Bolton was mad. The word "instability" just lit him up. When he used the word "killing" it was with huge tonal emphasis.

What a guy--no wonder the Kerry bunch hates him.

Syl said...


Glenmore said...

I am not sure Bolton can serve a second recess appointment. I am pretty sure he cannot be paid for a second term, and have read that the position has to be a paid one.

No way the new Senate will confirm him, and highly unlikely the current one would. He's kind of the Anti-Christ to a lot of people in this country, though for the life of me I cannot see why.

terrye said...

Well he can have the job, he just can't get paid by Congress. I am sure a lot of people dislike him, but a lot more people dislike the UN. Think Bush's numbers are down? so are theirs.

gumshoe1 said...

"There may be those on the Security Council who say it. Let them step forward and say it," Bolton said."

bravo,John Bolton.