United Nuclear- Radioactive Isotopes

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
United Nuclear- Radioactive Isotopes: "In comparison, Amercium-241 is a similar toxic Alpha radiation emitter and instead of a half life of 138 days like Polonium-210 has, it has a half life of over 450 years.
It is far more toxic - and there is 10 times more than the 'exempt quantity' amount in every smoke detector in your home.

If you really wanted tom poison someone, you would of course have to come up with a way to remove the invisible amount of material from the exempt sources - which is just about physically impossible and combine them together. Of course you would also need that 15,000 exempt sources.
In addition, there are dozens of other far more toxic materials, like Ricin and Abrin, which can easily be made using common plant material, and are also undetectable as a poison and untraceable.
Although it obviously works, Polonium-210 is a poor choice for a poison...
not to mention an order for 15,000 sources would look a little suspicious, considering we sell about 1 or 2 sources every 3 months.

Make sure you are truly knowledgeable about a subject before you start
repeating and spreading potentially incorrect information related to it."


chuck said...

Radioactive something being found on a couple of aircraft is also interesting. The Litvenenko incident could get very interesting as the investigation proceeds.