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Saturday, November 18, 2006
- Prometheus: What is Wrong with Politically-Motivated Research? Archives: "In 2004 I characterized (in PDF) the 'politicization of science by scientists' as 'the use of science by scientists as a means of negotiating for desired political outcomes.' Dr. Crutzen's description of his work clearly fits this definition.

I characterized the problem with such a strategy as follws, 'many scientists encourage the mapping of established interests from across the political spectrum onto science and then use science as a proxy for political battle over these interests.'

Why does this matter? 'when politics is played out through science with the acquiescence and even facilitation of scientists, the results can serve to foster political gridlock to the detriment of science and policy alike because science alone is incapable of forcing a political consensus.'

Starting with a desired political outcome and then generating the science to support that outcome is not the most effective way for science to support policy, even coming from a Nobel laureate.