Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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AMERICAN DIGEST Essays | News | Notes | Quotes: "'We shall not/ We shall not be blamed.' | If we leave because of your pouting and pique, we will return because of your stupidity. There will be blood after and blood later and fire to follow. That war will not take four years. It will take an afternoon at best, but decades of digging out will follow. A million may die here but many millions will die there. What follows will make the Great Depression seem a mild recession. History will unfold in ways we cannot now fathom. The American experiment, still young, may falter. Other forces, not so easily congenial to freedom, may rise. The utopian world you seek will be set back a century at the least. We will all have to bear the brand of that fire, but on your foreheads the mark will be sharp and deep. And we will know you for what you are. Worse still, you will know."

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