Saturday, March 31, 2007

I will remain an Independent

I have been voting Republican the last few elections, but I am not one. And I have to say that I think I will remain an Independent.

The willingness of Republicans to turn on their own simply leaves me unimpressed with their ability to maintain a cohesive front. Say what you will about Democrats, as a general rule they stick together.

However, in the last few years the Republicans have done anything but stick together. In fact since Bush helped them gain majority party status and won a second term I would have thought they might have been more willing to hang in there...but no siree. Once the second term got under way and they lost an election..well it was every man for himself. No stand of the 300 here.

From Katrina, to Harriet Miers, to the Dubai Port deal, to Iraq, to immigration reform, to Gonzales conservative pundits and lawmakers have done their best to remind us all why people call the Republican party the stupid party.

Michelle Malkin sounded about as reasonable as Spike Lee when it came to Katrina.

Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer went ballistic over Harriet Miers. So much for the president's right to nominate who he wants.

Duncan Hunter thinks he can be President in spite of the fact that he was carrying Hillary Clinton's water during the whole idiotic Dubai Ports deal. Oh yes, Bush would sell ports to terrorists...makes perfect sense.

In Iraq we have had commentators like Buckley and lawmakers like Hagel make it plain that when the situation gets difficult, the thing to do is to run away. Just turn your back and leave.

In terms of immigration reform it is better to alienate the entire Hispanic American community, including those born right here than it is compromise. We hear Tancredo sounding positively paranoid raving about conspiracies to destroy the United States coming from the White House, all the while they ignore the fact that most people support some sort of compromise solution. No matter. George Bush is ElPresidente Jorge Busho and the fact that his attitudes toward immigration reform are exactly the same as they were when he came to office years ago is beside the point. Somehow he has betrayed them because he has failed to do what he was told.

And of course there is Gonzales and the desire of pundits like Krauthammer and lawmakers like Sessions to feed him to the the hopes that the wolves will be satisfied. They say that it is about competence, I am not buying it. This whole thing is a manufactured scandal, a perjury trap designed to give the likes of Shumer and Leahy a soap box. The sad thing is they are getting help from the President's party.

I wonder how long it will take these same people to turn on Gulliani or Thompson or any other potential Republican President. How long before they eat their own?

Well, I think it is unseemly.


buddy larsen said...

True enough, Terrye. In normal times the right could & should dissent as it sees fit. But when an unprecedented F5 leftist shitstorm has been howling 24/7 ever since Forida 2000, feeding it was plumb dumb.

Now we don't have an office of the president anymore. Or, if we do, we barely do.

The right played perfectly into its ancient stereotype of suicidally rigid inflexibility, while mindlessly abetting their party's president's murder by 1000 cuts (990 of which were lies).

Too bad. Really too bad, if you're, say, a US ally in the middle east.

terrye said...

Rick made the point that Bush needs to remember that he is a politician and I agree with that. But the Republican party needs to remember it is a political party too and stop prattling along behind the Democrats every time they think they can use thme to get rid of somebody they don't much like.

Ashcroft was a politician, he might well not have found himself where AG is right now for that very reason. But Bush picked Gonzales, and it is not up to the likes Krauthammer to unpick him. If they do, the Democrats will just move on to the next victim.

Syl said...

I find it tragically stupid what the Republicans did last Nov. Teach their congressmen a lesson? by hurting us all? And the troops! Look how this is hurting the troops!

A party that decries utopianism on the left, yet demands perfection and 100% authoritarian adherence to its own idea of the perfect society?

You know, I don't even know who's leading the party anymore since it seems to have fallen apart under the Democrat assault.

See what good principled people we are, we want to fire Gonzalez! Makes you look like a bunch of SISSIES, I swear.

This is BS, people. GET A GRIP.

The Democrats smell blood. The trolls are not only attacking, they've moved in at JOM. All of them licking their chops just waiting for the next meal.

I understand what the polls are saying about party affiliation. It's embarrassing to be associated with Republicans right now.

Get your priorities straight and fight to win this war instead of running around like scared Democrats.

Syl said...

I apologize. That was a little too rough I think.

But I'm angry.

(In case you couldn't tell)