Thursday, March 08, 2007

Historical Perspective

While we sit back and watch the hypocritical preening of the Democrats over the Libby conviction it might be useful to take a look at the last Democratic President and his rather ethically challenged administrations:

When Ken Starr's investigation began getting too close to Mr. Clinton, the Washington "spin doctors" began working hard at turning public opinion away from Ken Starr and turn popular opinion against the investigator. Liberals constantly pointed to the millions of dollars Ken Starr has spent in his investigation, but has come up empty handed.

That may sound good to many undiscerning people, but the fact remains, the Starr investigations and others have turned up volumes of corruption in Federal Government and there have been indictments and convictions. Starr had gotten 11 indictments yielding 3 trial convictions, 6 guilty pleas, and 2 acquittals. The Clinton administration may indeed be the most indicted administration in history.

William Jefferson ClintonIndeed, it was through the unremitting pursuit of truth that led Ken Starr to issue a subpena forcing Clinton to testify before the Grand Jury. Rather than facing the unprecidented testimony, Bill Clinton made a deal with Starr that allowed him to save face and appear before the grand jury voluntarily.

Clinton's apologists claimed that Ken Starr had drug this investigation out over a period of months, costing millions of dollars with no results. But, it was the president, not Ken Starr who dragged America through 7 months of allegations and counterallegations of sexual impropriety and abuse of power. Had Mr. Clinton told the truth in the first place and not sent out his supporters to lie for him, Starr's investigation would have been greatly shortened and the American people would not have been drug into the sexual perversions of the President. Following his testimony before the grand jury, Bill Clinton went on national television and admitted to his lies. Yet, even in that so-called 'apology', Mr. Clinton angrily continued his attack on Ken Starr.

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