Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am glad this is over

But I am sorry for Libby.

This whole thing was just one big fat circus and considering the fact that is was Armitage who leaked the information to Novak in the first damn place and it turned it out it was not even a crime to do so....then why are we here and why has this man's life been ruined?

Well look at this way, Berger only got a slap on the wrist for stealing and then destroying classified information..maybe Libby will get a break. Will Bush pardon him? I somehow doubt it.

I don't pretend to really understand this case, but Tom Maguire from Just One Minute does:

From Raw Story:

Fitzgerald: No further investigation planned

In a lengthy press conference with reporters after the announcement of four guilty verdicts, federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said that he did not expect the results of the trial of former White House advsier I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby to result in further investigations or charges. He also promised "appropriate" support for any Congressional investigation that might follow the trial.

"I do not expect to file any further charges, the investigation was inactive prior to the trial," the Chicago-based federal attorney who led the prosecution said. "We're all going back to our day jobs."

We are getting the same thing from Ms. Hardin-Smith of the firedogs. Jiminy, is no one keeping hope alive? Was it only two weeks ago that I was reading a Raw Story interview with this headline?


He has a lot more.


Barry Dauphin said...

Well, it's over and it's not. The request for a new trial will happen, then the appeal (if request not granted). I found the intricacies of this aspect of the whole story too much to keep up with. Byron Yor boiled it down to its essence.
Fleischer had testified that Libby told him about Mrs. Wilson — "hush-hush, on the QT" — on Monday, July 7, 2003. The conversation with Russert, in which Libby said he was surprised to hear about Mrs. Wilson, was on Thursday, July 10.

The jury believed Fleischer & Russert and not Libby. Once a juror accepts that Libby tells Fleischer on Monday about Mrs. Wilson on the QT, then says he found out about Val from Rusert three days later, the dominoes fall. Did Libby lie? I still don't know, as Tom McGuire (not a partisan hack) thinks that Fleischer was not believeable and that reporters who could easily cast doubt on Russert were never called. If Libby lied, well...you don't lie to the FBI and a Grand Jury. But as Bob Novak said loud and clear umpteen times today, the investigation never should have gotten this far. Fitz knew in Sept. 2003 that Armitage was the leaker and that Val was not covered by the law in question. End of investigation. Instead 3 1/2 yrs. later and a bazillion dollars later, a very smart lawyer appears to have done a very dumb thing.

terrye said...

If Libby had just claimed forgetfullness he would have been much better off. In truth I doubt if anyone really knows. I can't remember what I had for lunch two days ago, how can people remember this kind of thing?