Saturday, March 31, 2007

Show Trials

I saw this over at AJ's:

Iran continues to beg for armed conflict over the hostage situation. Now they have started to legal proceedings against those THEY kidnapped. This means one of two things in my mind. The Iranians have some surprise response ready for any military action the UK or US may make. Or they honestly believe the US and UK can be blackmailed or extorted into surrendering. The Iranians would have to be stark raving lunatics to believe the latter. And they would have to be ready to martyr their nation under a hail of military response if the were heading down the former path. The saber rattling has lost any and all PR value for Iran right now. So something else is driving this mad scheme of theirs. Or will Syria come to the world’s rescue at the last minute, with a certain Liberal Democrat smiling at their side? I guess I can envision three options.

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