Utrecht Riots

Sunday, March 18, 2007
I expect most of the visitors here have heard of the three days of rioting that took place in a working class Utrecht neighborhood. If not, the proximate cause is this:
The neighborhood of the police shooting is being terrorized by ‘youths (Warning newspeak for Muslim youth). Like everywhere in The Netherlands the police does not do much about it. People are attacked, robbed, etc. People keep calling the police but they don’t get protected. Rinie Mulder had called the police very often. So when last Sunday the ‘youths’ harassed a young pregnant woman (a daughter of a friend), he went after them. In the fight that ensued he took the knife of one of the ‘youths’. When a police officer arrived and Rinie showed him the knife, he was shot dead. The police officer was a Muslim. Was he siding with the ‘youths’? (After 3 days of riots the police now denies the rumor that the officer was a Muslim) The local media also reports that the local Dutch people they speak are quite desperate about the ‘situation’ in their neighborhooud. The burgomaster now even talks about doing something about the ‘situation’.

The rioters are the Dutch inhabitants of the neighborhood. There is more coverage at Klein Verzet. Also note the links at the bottom of that post.

I think it is obvious to anyone with the slightest imagination that there is a good deal of anti-immigrant resentment spreading through the working people in those parts of Europe where there are a lot of Muslim immigrants. It didn't have to be as bad as it is, but the progressive governments have gone out of their way to support the immigrants against their own native population and I suspect the resulting sense of injustice is going to lead to further troubles. The only guestion in my mind is why these events have not had much electorial impact so far. The answer, I suppose, is that those most affected are not in the middle and upper classes, whereas it is the those classes that dominate the media and political parties. This is a dangerous situation and in the long term I think it is going to cause real problems. Whatever else one might think of such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, they were not from the priviledged classes and they promised relief to the working people. I worry that the European governments are leaving an opening for such people again.

I don't see France as the bellwhether of this shift. That is because I have the sense that in France the "youths" are isolated in ghettoes that ring the cities. I haven't researched the situation, but my own guess is that the problem will be most acute in the Netherlands, England, Sweden, and at some point, Germany. The Danes may avoid the problem because they are facing up to it.

And that's the blather.

Update: Here are the links from Klein Verzet. The tone and content of some of the comments are... interesting.

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Update 2: I wondered where the organization of tribal groups -- the natural consequence of multiculturalism -- was taking place. Snouck offers the following list.
The cores of these groups have already been formed. They are criminal gangs, security firms, militias, clubs of football supporters and other social groups that have many young male members. This has been seen in Yugoslavia and Lebanon. (It is my opinion that the Soviet Empire fell apart from its Multicultural nature too).
Militias? In Europe? Hmmm. Clubs of football supporters is an interesting thought, maybe they will become a bit more than just "hooligans". Association of young men is probably the key characteristic that marks revolutionary potential. Turf war and raiding is what young men do when there is no larger civilization to channel their energies.

Last thought: Maybe European society will split, some going further left, others further right. And by right, I mean national socialism, a leftwing genus of the nationalistic sort. Wasn't that the situation in Germany back in the early thirties?


terrye said...

Sometimes it seems to me that Europe has two gears, reverse and third.

Given their history I think another Hitler is possible. And I am talking about the real thing, not some invention of their media.

Buddy said...

The irony is huge. Holland, that most open, liberal, tolerant, progressive political culture. Freedom meant that everything--dope, prostitutes, hostile immigrants, all--were accepted into the mainstream, so that everyone in the country could be one big happy family.


Buddy said...

I meant to say, "prostitution", not "prostitutes" --big difference in meaning.

Peter UK said...

Given the history of Europe,one would think the elites would have thought twice before embarking on the great social engineering project that is unrestricted mass immigration.
As usual it was their principles which held sway,despising the working class as they do,the elites had no qualms concerning those who would bear the impact of change.
Now with murder being committed a stones throw away from Bush house,the BBC headquarters,in an area where some of the great and good reside,perhaps there will be a dawning realisation that all is not well.More likely though,the elites will sell their over priced homes and move out.
There is an anger here which transcends class,income, gender,age and more significantly,political affiliation,that I have never seen before.Our political elite fiddles,with insane and arcane regulation whilst the country is smouldering.The next five years are going to be a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Let's all continue to assist REAL news and avoid the corporate-controlled non-news of CNN and other major media.

Let's hope white people in Europe and the west begin to wake up to the ill effects of multiculturalism and start to fight for ending immigration into our beautiful Europe! I know I'm doing my part:


Join for more news for whites! RJames