Friday, March 23, 2007
It just ain't cricket, it ain't. Reuters reports:

"We are all in complete shock," Vaughan told reporters... "It's chalk and cheese. This is totally new territory..." he added.

In other oddball news, The Cute Little Baby Bear Must Die! (ht: Ace of Spades), and in Germany, its OK to beat your wife so long as you're muslim. In Nevada it isn't OK to move furniture around unless you're a licensed Interior Designer.

Here's a Japanese billionaire who thinks people who can't afford rent can afford gorelike utility bills - mansions for the homeless.

And how 'bout a Capone's Vault redux? Long-locked safe is cracked...

A volunteer safecracker opened a 450-pound, Victorian-era safe in front of Connecticut news crews, but the treasure inside wasn't quite headline-grabbing. "Like we need this now," laughed Nancy Zorena, president of the Monroe Historical Society, as she held up a slip of paper with the combination to the safe

And with a little luck, the Goreacle will be heading for China pronto.