Ann Coulter strikes again

Friday, March 02, 2007
I have never understood this woman's appeal. She is an elitist and she has no respect for anyone, including her fellow conservatives.

Via Captains Quarters

Ann Coulter is speaking at the moment, and drawing a huge crowd -- with longer lines than those for the Rudy Giuliani. She's definitely one of the stars here at CPAC, and I listened to the audio stream for a bit while she opened her speech. I had to take a phone call, though, and I missed a critical, and infuriating, throw-away line. Michelle Malkin reports (from two chairs down):

"I'd say something about John Edwards, but if you use the word 'faggot', you have to go to rehab."

Yeah, that's just what CPAC needs -- an association with homophobia. Nice work, Ann.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

There are a lot of people I wish would just go away. However, although Ann is high on the list, Hillary is even higher.

reliapundit said...

i love ann. what she said was great!

what else do you call edwards - who spendfssa hours doing his hair before a TV appearance, and who had that mole removed from his lip so he would look prettier for 2008.

would you rather she called him prissy!? same thing. and then, it wouldn't have had the same double edged effect: she was also critiquing the PC police who want to ban certain words. Like Faggot. and Nigger. And Kike.

if we ban those words then the enemy has won. Heh.

it is not homophobic to say shit like fag.

it is homophobic NOT to say it because you are afraid of the backlash.

chuck said...

What is Anne going to do when the wrinkles start to show? I don't think her schtick is going to age well.

terrye said...


Well I don't love her or her mouth and what she said was not only homophobic, it was stupid.

I remember druing the whole theing with Harriet Miers, there she was talking about Harrite was not good enough because she only went to a sate university. Ivey Leaguers such as herself were better doncha know. She sounded like a snob and an elitist and every since then I have just gotten sick of her mouth and if that woman wore a size 16 and was 60 I don't think half the conservative males out there saying...ah thatAnn what a pistol...would be defending her rich bitch ass right now.

chuck said...

That said, I don't think Anne invented this particular slur. Rather, I suspect she just put into the public domain rumors that are running around DC. I recall an old girlfriend's uncle, financial officer of Little Brown at the time, who told me Edgar Hoover was gay. That was back in the early 70's and I had never heard about it before. Well, guess what? Then again, a later girlfriend used to travel frequently to DC for conferences when George Will was getting divorced and everyone was following the story, how his wife piled up all his belonging on the sidewalk, so on and so forth. Events that never made it to the news. It wouldn't surprise me a bit to discover that there were such rumors swirling about Edwards, nor to discover that they were true.

reliapundit said...

terrye - you hate her ...fine.

so her latest is just more of the same to you.

i dont think ann is homophobic or that she was making a slur against homos. she made a funny joke about edwards and the "PC police."

i think that we should not be backlashphobic or PC-policephobic.
Nor should allow the MSM to hold rightwing pundits to different standards than they use for lefties.

maher gets off scott free, and the right eats its own.

i'm tired of it!

when trent opened his big mouth and uttered s stupid thing about strom he was driven out of leadership.

when durbin said WORSE about our troops, all he did was cry a little and offer a fake/shallow apology.

they MSM and the Left never said boo.

we on the right are having a tough enough time without killing our own.

let's obey reagan's 11th commandment: and NOT attack fellow righties and only ands ALWAYS attack the left.

we won;t defeat the jihadist enemy abroad until we defeat the leftist enemy at home.

all thye best!