A Good Morning

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I probably bore the heck outta y'all with my osprey nonsense but too bad. Osprey are easy to watch but trying to use a snapshot camera to photograph them is not exactly like shooting ducks on a pond.

As bad as they are, though, I'll share them with you. If you can zoom in enough on the picture on the left you'll see a building materials delivery. Within 30 minutes of that delivery I was treated to another pass, nice and close and beautiful to see but far too quick to fish the camera out of my pocket in time. Nice talons.

And speaking of fish... According to Cornell's All About Birds

Ospreys generally carry fish with the head forward, which cuts wind resistance and speeds flight back to nest or perch.

Head first it was. And if he'd flown by me 20 ft. or so closer I mighta been able to ID the type of fish. What a treat. Barely above the tree tops. Didn't even need the glass to see bird and fish clear as you please. Which was very lucky 'cause there wasn't enough time to even bring binos to bear. And to put the icing on my donut I got treated to an up close and personal visit from a crane. It's a shame I suck when it comes to using cameras. I'm enlisting some help so I may manage to get a decent photo or two over the next few months.


Bird Dog said...

Not boring at all. Happily, we now have them all around here in the summer, nesting and squealing all day long. But for bird photos, man, you need some serious photo equipment and the patience of a saint. When I was a kid, seeing an Osprey in the Northeast was a big deal - and it still is to me. Most fun - on the boat watching the parents teach the young ones how to fish in July/Aug. Sometimes it looks like they will dorwn, but they always bet back into the air, with or without a fat bunker.

Knucklehead said...

Bird dog,

Seeing them is a big deal to me every day. No explanation is possible but I get an enormous kick out of it. I haven't seen them fish. I have had the great luck to watch them coax a ospring out of the nest and give some flying instruction. That's a sight to behold. I could watch that all day.