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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Time to tell this woman to stuff a sock in it..... and I don't want to hear how if Bill Maher gets to talk dirty then we can talk dirty too.

H/T Instapundit.

UPDATE: H/T to chuck in the comments, this Post from Dean Barnett says it well.


Rick Ballard said...

I agree. Offensive speech should be banned and offenders exiled to Antartica.

Can I be judge?

chuck said...


I was going to write something here, but Dean Barnett covers the same ground about as well as can be done.

Buddy said...

Right--who judges. The only sensible approach is to complain when you hear it. Increasingly a weak response in the Age Without Shame.

Rick Ballard said...


It ranks right up there with complaining about the cleanliness of a pig sty. As long as the pigs are gaining weight, it's clean enough. Unless one has learned to love PC, of course. Then one must examine all speech for the possibility that sensibilities (according to whatever PC litmus is identified) are not damaged.

The only complaint that would be effective is silence and refusal to associate. A walkout would have worked.

terrye said...


Oh for chrisake.

So what will people remember about the CPAC this year? Ann and her big mouth that is what.

How about this for poltical openness. I think the woman is a vile little bitch.

Buddy Larsen said...

Harsh speech, ok, 'hate speech' and 'fighting words' are just plain devisive. What's the objective of divisiveness? When is it needed?

It's offensive, but it also rallies the troops--on both sides usually.

It's just hard to know what we need, as a society.

We have been in more danger of falling off the left guardrail than the right, imho, but jeez, ain't it better to stay on the road?

But, what road, where is it going?

terrye said...

Yes, but what does them rally the troops to do? It is just about Ann showing her ass. Again.

Rick Ballard said...

"So what will people remember about the CPAC this year?"

What did you take from CPAC last year, Terrye? What was the most memorable moment, what generated the greatest excitement, which speaker set you on fire?

Sorry, I can't get either knee to jerk. This isn't even a tempest in a teapot.


Considering that the Clinton knives are out for Obama this early in the game, I'd say '08 will make '04 look like a church social. There won't be a road left, let alone a middle. Maybe a median with a twelve foot block wall but no middle.

Buddy Larsen said...

Terrye, that's my point--the troops are sufficiently rallied, when the battle lines are as sharply-defined as they have now become.

Rick, that's probably true--we probably haven't hit the blow-off bottom of political discourse quite yet. It'll probably take a live-TV fistfight or something (maybe Hannity will punch Colmes, or Carville will pull Coulter's hair).

But I dread the coming spectacle, and wish that we were on a higher road. I too am afraid that just having the Clintons still on-stage will continue to keep deviancy defined-down to far lower than healthy.

terrye said...

The most memorable moment last year was Ann Coulter saying raghead. She is so brave. I hope that when I grow up I can be a mouth bitch just like Queen Ann.

Who knows, maybe next year she will make some crack about Obama being a slave owning nigger.That would really be daring and unPC.

terrye said...

And then of course there would be lots of useful references to the fact that Richardson is Hispanic. Boy now if Obama and Richardson could get on the same ticket Coulter could really have fun and all of her fans could defend her too and make this kind of behavior seem totally accepted.

The reason this thing happened is that Ann Coulter has a big mouth and the people on the right are too busy being pissed at the left to not understand that throwing the word faggot around like that is Stupid. Just Stupid.

If this becomes a big deal it will be because the Coulter fan club does the same thing Michael Moore's fan club does and pretend this is normal.

Buddy Larsen said...

Yup--just like the Frankens and Mahers are good for the right. Why deliver ammo to your oppo--unless it's to shoot themselves with.

Metaphorically I mean, LOL.

terrye said...


Like I said at Roger's, if all these people... Maher, Franken, Moore, Savage,Coulter could be exiled to some place without internet access or TV we would all be better off.

Dean's piece really did say what I felt.

Buddy Larsen said...

Polemicists are sorta self-defeating. It has to be that way--the people give them fame, and use them, within a particular sort of anger frame--which is likely to die of its own heat--unless continually stoked. Everything is there to set up the second act as farce.

richard mcenroe said...

Terrye -- As Talleyran said to Napoleon after an unpopular execution... it's worse than wrong; it's a mistake.

terrye said...

I just found out that one of my relatives {you know who you are} has told my brother that I have this blog and that sometimes I post about family. In case he shows up, remember I have never ever ever said anything bad about him. I have never used his name and I have never ever divulged any family secrets that would make anyone feel funny. Ever. Got that?

terrye said...


yes, it was a mistake. It was dumb.

Buddy Larsen said...

I don't know why anyone would be upset, Terrye. You, like everyone else, express pride in your clan's accomplishmets and regret for the things that you wish had gone better. If you were my sister, I'd be proud. Delete this if you want--just my thoughts on your post.

Rick Ballard said...

"But I dread the coming spectacle, and wish that we were on a higher road."

The Clinton/Alinsky tactics were reasonably successful in '06 (just as they were in '92). The tactics have a puerile simplicity that even the MSM understands. We'll be seeing them until they don't work any longer. I can't imagine when that might be, given that everyone now has their very own standard of situational ethics developed through keen acumen and demonstrated by their ability to discern right from wrong self-referentially in the blink of an eye.

The pigs are stilll gaining weight so the sty must be clean enough.

reliapundit said...

terrye said: "I think the woman is a vile little bitch."

as a dog lover i am offended!
time to ban terrye!


terrye: you use vile language to assault ann - which i REALLY think is fine, if that's what you want to put out about her and yourself.

if you can call her a bitch, then she can call edwards a fag.
DIG THIS: it ain't just coulter and maher who use over-the-top lingo: you do too, when you think it's appropriate.

so...stop being unfair. RB is right!


reliapundit said...

dean barnett calls coulters use of the WORD "faggot": "the use of a hateful slur."

this is RUBBISH.

she made a GREAT joke - about the effeminate edwards and the PC police.

and shockingly edwards and the PC police get offended.

big effin deal.

it reminds me of how all my leftie friends hate when i call them lefties - as if it was a "hateful slur", and insist that i call the "progressives."

it happened so many times all i have to do is say "progressive" with the right intonation and THEY STILL HEAR LEFTIE!

basically they're not happy unless i shut up.

which is exactly how you feel about coulter.


terrye said...


My point was simple,if she call Edwards a faggot, at the CPAC oblivious to the impact it will have on the reputations of the other people then I can call her a bitch whether her fan club likes it or not.

The woman is turning into a skinny right wing Rosie O.

reliapundit said...

terrye: good one: that's hilarious! "skinny rosie!" cool! nice. now you got the hang of it!

reliapundit said...

see... no big deal... hey: maybe to crank it up a notch ypu should call her an ANOREXIC BITCH! - it's more un-PC.

terrye said...


Yep you bet we are high class now.

Knucklehead said...

Whattaya mean, "Who judges?" Rick can be the judge and I'll be the arbiter who determines if he judged properly. How hard is this?

terrye said...

Hell no, I get to the judge. Like Ann, I think it is all about me me me.

Buddy said...

I liked Sammy Davis,Jr., as the judge.