Avoid the Nano!

Sunday, September 25, 2005
The brand-new Nano iPod from Apple looks very appealing. My son bought a regular iPod this summer for $400 and I was able to examine it first-hand. It's a clever attractive device, with good sound and the best interface to one's music I've seen, but the price exceeds my spending limit. The Nano, starting at $199, is a different story. It's small, it's convenient, it's cheaper, and it displays your digital photos. Turn on your TV and you're likely to see it: it's the subject of yet another Apple-generated, slick, hip marketing campaign. I could feel the urge to buy growing--the campaign was working--only to discover yesterday from early reports that the screen scratches easily if you look at it cross-eyed. Bummer. Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep my Scottish ancestors happy and save my money.


Rick Ballard said...


You will find that a greater acceptance of conservative principles will do honor to your Scot ancestrage. Time spent reflecting on the negative externalities engendered by the Reformation in an effort to determine its actual efficacy is time not spent contemplating the expenditure of funds on frivolities. I saved a considerable amount of money by reflecting upon the negative impact of Jefferson's substitution of "pursuit of happiness" for "property" while the recording media changed from 2-track to 4-track to 8-track to cassette. (I finally settled on CD a couple of years ago after it became too difficult to find needles to use with the turntable.)

Charlie (Colorado) said...

I love my Nano. Get a sleeve.

Knucklehead said...

Freakin' hippies and they're danged need to be constantly listening to music or looking at pictures. If Clapton can unplug so can you.

Knucklehead said...

Rick Ballard,

Needles? Surely you meant to use "stylus".

Anyone remember when reel-reel was the audiophile's tape device of choice? Cassettes had no hope of achieving the fidelity of reel-reel.

And of course, CDs had no hope of achieving the fidelity of tape.

So many attributes and so much progress unconsidered. Such is life.

As for me and devices such as the Nano, I just can't imagine turning the listening of music into a recurring chore of loading up and cleaning out all those songs.