Monday, September 19, 2005
Just awalkin' the dog

I feel a need to get on the board here. Just curious... Are any of y'all prone to going walkabout or make a habit of taking a walk? The dog owners among us, at least the less rural ones, might be more likely to have some standard time and route for daily walks.

If you do take walks, aside from the health aspects, what do you like most about walking? This is a relatively recent development for me after many years of ignoring it. I made a habit of occasionally wandering around or specifically taking long walks through wherever I happened to be in my earlier days, but ignored this in my more "stable" or sedentary years. I've just recently restarted (the past three years).

As for me, I enjoy reconnecting with the passing and changing seasons. The odors, the sounds, differences in daylight, weather, etc. I also enjoy playing a bit of "recon", noticing changes in the neighborhood and like to make a point of being outside in the dark and just listening and observing who and what comes and goes. One might, for example, never know there were skunks around unless one wanders outside at night.

Like I said, just curious about which of us are fans of walkabouts.


Rick Ballard said...

I'm fortunate to be able to perform what little work I do from the comfort of my home. Part of that good fortune is to be able to take walks whenever the urge strikes. On the unfortunate side is the fact that the foliage change on palm trees is really unremarkable. Same for the eucalyptus. Deciduous trees in this area don't do very well, the changing of the color of their leaves is not necessarily a harbinger of a change of seasons.

I find that I've been walking more over this past summer than ever before. My wife and I made a commitment to more exercise last spring and we've actually been able to keep it. It's become a habit rather than a chore and an opportunity to converse without interruption. A small but at times delightful pleasure. We don't see much in the way of wildlife on our walks, living on a levee system precludes the existence of the type of habitat that supports wildlife. We do have the pleasure of watching the marine mammals from the back deck as they assiduouly construct homes by destroying some of the older docks. And we do get to watch the natural cycle of predator/prey played out nearly every day as the stripers herd baitfish into a cove while the seabirds gather to garner their fair share. Occasionally a sea lion will wander in from the salt water to snack on the stripers.

I suppose the most exciting occurrence on our walks in the past year has been to watch For Sale signs appear and diappear with amazing frequency. In a sense, it's like watching your 401K account used to be like for some people in the mid to late '90's. It's amazing how a rising market can make a person feel intelligent.

Knucklehead said...

Not much in the way of "Four Seasons", heh. If you gottem, smell 'em. They are especially noticeable in the early AM. I like that.

For us, access to watching wildlife is a benefit of the walk. Fawns appear, then lose their spots, then coats turn from tan to grey for winter.

We have a nesting pair of osprey. Sometimes one spots a fish right in the middle of nowhere, dropped by an osprey on its way home from work. This year we got to watch a pair of younguns learning the finer points of flying before heading off for water. Those critters were everywhere.

The foxes are hard to spot but the evidence of them is bountiful. Especially the declining bunny population as summer progresses.

Birdsong activity is much different in the winter than it is as spring approaches.

For Sale sings are hard to analyse in my area. Prices seem to be flattening somewhat at the high end but the sales cycle doesn't seem to be lengthening. Those I know who do such things claim that rentals, well, houses anyway, are increasingly difficult to fill. Don't know what to make of that.

Vacancies are interesting to watch. A remarkable number of houses, despite what seem to me ridiculously high prices, remain vacant even after they've sold. Not sure what's going on there. Some say the weekender market has moved inland.

One thing I've noticed recently that may show up in the stats in a year or two when they are compiled is a seeming rise in vandalism. More packs of yutes misbehaving. I blame the shrieking, angry left for that - they are attempting to make it a civic duty to be pissed off and kids prone to such nonsense don't need a whole lot of encouragement.

PDS said...

Knucklehead: I am both a fan of walks and have been a fan of your comments in various blogs over the months/years (?). Glad to see you are stepping up and taking a swing.