Enhanced Birth Certificates, Anyone?

Friday, September 30, 2005
Would anyone like to take a crack at modifying this disclaimer into something that can be attached to birth certificates? Then we could simplify death certificates and just stamp them, We told you so.


vnjagvet said...

I wonder how much lawyer time went into this one.

Warnings are an interesting part of law practice. If they are real detailed (as this one clearly is) and perchance the poor victim has an incident caused by something unmentioned, the warning is, in hindsight, often deemed inadequate to protect the conscientious warner.

If on the other hand the warning is general (e.g. Walking on this trail is dangerous. If you go on this trail and are not really really careful, you might die or be seriously injured.) it might be more effective in shielding the warner from liability.

Rick Ballard said...


"You're not getting out of this alive." does the trick but some might consider such a statement to border on insensitivity.