I Best Stay Away from the Booze---before I Really Lose it!

Thursday, September 22, 2005
I am so angry that I don’t dare enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Jonah Goldberg at The Corner received these comments from a reader:

“The traffic situation in Houston is lapsing into incompetency on the part of local and state officials. First, they tell everyone to evacuate the city, especially in low lying areas, and then they ask them to sit on highways that do not move.

Case and point: My parents left at 6 a.m. this morning for Austin (regularly a 2 1/2 hour commute). I have not been able to reach them all day until just now 4:00 p.m. I learned from them that they are still in the city of Houston. This is ridiculous!!!”

I immediately realized that the public authorities were overreacting yesterday afternoon. The areas in Houston that are in possible danger are over thirty miles from my front door. Someone like me should swallow a chill pill. My family is in decent shape---even if a Category 5 hits! There are now people trapped on the highways who originally faced only a relatively minor risk from Rita. Some of them now may die from heat stroke. Many haven’t gone to the bathroom in hours and may be desperately hungry. This is absolutely insane.


babbles said...

At least you are kinda keeping your sense of humor. When all else fails, laugh. I'm hoping you weather the storm in good condition. My family didn't make it out and it appears it is too late.

flenser said...

Darn that Bush!!! Why has he allowed this to happen?

terrye said...

There is no way to instantly evacuate millions of people from a huge city.

now we know.

I wonder how many of these folks have thought about taking an alternative route that would not include using an interstate?

I live in the sticks and I know a ten ways to get everywhere around here, using county roads and two lane highways. The city folks I work with are completely lost of the interstate.

I can think of no other way to move that man people that quickly.

Except maybe car pooling.

David Thomson said...

It is now after 5 AM---and there are indications that Hurricane Rita might avoid Houston entirely. Increasingly, Houstonians are wondering why so many overreacted. Calling for the emergency evacuation of well over a million people was inherently senseless. Where were they suppose to go? Even a mere one hundred thousand would have stressed out the system. What were Governor Perry and Mayor White thinking?

Knucklehead said...


What does the situation look like this AM? Any improvements or further deterioration?

David Thomson said...

At least 20 of 45 elderly people being evacuated from Houston have died in a bus fire:


Did they really have to move---or was their exit premised upon the overreaction of the Texas authorities? How many more will die because of this nonsense?

Knucklehead said...


It is going to be interesting to listen to the pundits try to sift "prudent" from "panic".

It also demonstrates the sorts of problems faced with moving huge masses of people, especially those with special needs, in a hurry. Busload of people, some portion of which are toting oxygen tanks, has a real potential to become a disaster within the disaster.

Well, at least no pets were harmed.