Kerry-Edwards Infiniti

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
A friend has a neighbor who just bought a brand new car. The neighbor moved over the car seat, his coffee mug, and his Kerry-Edwards '04 bumper sticker from his old car. His comfort items. Why, my friend asks, would he move over his Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker? Doesn't he know the election is over?

My friend thinks the neighbor doesn't believe the election is over. He thinks it's still going on. The neighbor's team can still win! The "win" by Bush was either a farce or a fraud or a case of nationally shared delusion.

Are Republicans truly the only party of the adults? Isn't this a little crazy?


flenser said...

The thing is that they never conceded the election. Hell, they never conceded the 2000 election. The permanent campaign will only stop when a Democrat takes back the White House. Until then they will contine to refuse to accept the verdict of the voters.

Rick Ballard said...


The neighbor needs to check the back of the guys neck, just below the collar line. If there's a tatto that says "13%er" with an input jack just below it, he needs to contact Joe Trippi. They lost track of some of the 'droids.

terrye said...

I saw Kerry and Edwards doing their we love a hurricane schtick on TV. Pretty damn sad when you have to take advantage of a natural disaster to get some free air time.

Maybe they could team up again and have Blanco and Nagin campaign with them. It seems that being a Democrat means you never have to accomplish anything. Just bash Bush, that is all that is necessary.

Daniel in Brookline said...

The thing is, Kerry did concede the election. (He did it in a damn fine speech, too -- more statesmanship than he'd shown in the entire campaign. And more than he's shown since, more's the pity.)

Driving in the Boston area, I still see a fair number of "let's not elect him in 2004 either" stickers (and others making even less sense). I'm not sure what this means, if anything... but I do find myself wishing that these people would focus on the future, not the past.

In re maturity: what exactly can one say about a bumper sticker reading "Voldemort votes Republican"??

Daniel in Brookline