Report From a Houston Citizen

Thursday, September 22, 2005
It is virtually impossible to travel ten miles from my front door. I am compelled to restrict my driving to the immediate neighborhood. The freeways leading out of the city are a bumper to bumper, hair pulling out, torturous experience. I am hearing reports that it takes two hours minimum to drive one mile. How’s that for great gas milage? My family (comprising two adults and nine cats) lives in one of the safer areas of the city. The odds are that we will only endure some heavy rainfall. During the Allison disaster of 2001, our streets were mildly flooded. At the worst, we may not have any electricity for a few hours.


Knucklehead said...


I take it you have decided to ride out the storm. Be safe.

I've only been at the edge of a big storm. And the center of a small one. A storm's eye is a wonder to behold though.

Keep in touch as electricity allows, willya?

flenser said...

That must be a typo, David. Nine cats?

vnjagvet said...


PLease keep us posted on your situation. If we can help in any way please let us know.

Prayers to all.

Mia, Chloe, Belle and Ella (our foundling cats) will be pulling for "the nine". Buster the bulldog and Katie the beagle, too.

You and I need to invest in some veteranarian stock somewhere between Atlanta and Houston.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Good luck David. Keep us posted. Our thoughts are with you.

David Thomson said...

“I take it you have decided to ride out the storm. Be safe.”

I am not acting recklessly. My decision is based on common sense, a careful weighing of the pluses versus the negatives. Many drivers are now trapped on the roads leading out of Houston. They have run out of gas---and are in serious jeopardy. Yes, it would have more prudent had they stayed home. The public officials obviously meant well, but forgot how difficult it is to evacuate a population of about four million people!

“That must be a typo, David. Nine cats?”

Not only do we have nine cats, but they are cantankerous, disobedient, and convinced that human beings are inferior creatures. I am just hoping that they do not decide to throw us out of the house.

Knucklehead said...


My assumption was that you'd made a rational analysis. Then again, nine cats, how rational can you be? Three was more than I can bear. Two is too many. I'da been fine with just my old tom, but nobody pays any attention to me.

Best of luck. Please be prepared for three to five days. Water, food, batteries, board games.

David Thomson said...

The real suckers are those who listened to the authorities. Many of Houston’s major highways are now a parking lot! The occupants of these vehicles are in great danger. It was ludicrous to encourage them to leave all at one time. Houston has very good highway system, but no system anywhere in the United States can handle an immediate evacuation of well over a million people.

David Thomson said...

I should add that the authorities are guilty of “playing it safe.” They should have limited their evacuation advice to those most in danger. Unfortunately, everyone was encouraged to get out Houston. Now we have a total mess. Many people have run out of gas, their vehicle has overheated, the temperature is somewhere around 97°F, and God help them if they are in the way of Rita. They are helpless and will suffer greatly.

vnjagvet said...


How can the press, etc., blame GWB for this situation? I noticed today that the Texas Gov. specifically has asked for federal troops to assist. They are now staging from Fr. Hood, etc.

Again we have an unprecedented situation (one of the three largest storms on record) headed for major metropolitan areas. Even great interstate highway circulation is not designed to take off all of the cars necessary to move 4mm plus people.

The gloom and doomers are going to be all over this and soon too.