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Thursday, September 22, 2005
Mickey Kaus:

In Defense of Good Policy: Matthew Yglesias charges that, by attacking the Davis-Bacon Act, I'm guilty of pursuing good policy. Instead, "progressive" Democrats should be pursuing not-so-good policies that nurture powerful pro-Democratic interests.

Really, isn't that the most honest and succinct description of politics you've ever seen?


Knucklehead said...


Great piece by Kaus. Among the Democratic party's numerous problems is that they've gotten themselves suction stuck on a few big money teats. (Is that case of Stuck on Stupid?)

David Thomson said...

One can only hope the immature Matthew Yglesias eventually learns that the perfect is often the enemy of the good. Davis-Bacon was originally created to protect white jobs. It was a racist piece of legislation! There have been times when I have been severely critical of Mickey Kaus. This time we are on the same page. He has long understood that the Democratic economic policies of the past are of little value in today’s world. I highly recommend his The End of Equality written around thirteen years ago.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I don't really agree that this is a good definition of politics. Politics, as practiced by honest realistic people rather than True Believers, is about trying to accomplish what you want while also taking into account that there are other people than you with legitimate needs. That's what the expression "politics is the art of the possible" means.

I think we're a country filled with spoiled adolescents who have always had everything they ever wanted, who have never been thwarted. As they have moved into public policy they have continued to believe they should get everything they want. That part of growing up which makes it clear to you that you are not always right and sometimes other people are has never occurred to them.