We the People

Thursday, September 29, 2005
Is the indictment of Tom Delay political?

Of course it is.

Today when I got home there was a message on my answering machine.

I played it and lo and behold it was a group calling itself 'We the People'. Some slick voice had left a computer generated message on my machine demanding that I call my Republican Congressman and tell him that Delay has to go. It went on and on. My caller ID showed out of area. I though this to be sneaky, very sneaky.

So I google 'We the People' and a lot of interesting things come up, the most interesting was a group out of Oakland who has a picture of Jerry Brown on their website.

Is this the group? I don't know but I do intend to call my representative and ask his office to track these people down and tell them to stop harassing me.

Whoever they are, the phones were ringing in less than 24 hours after the indictment went out. I do not tend to be paranoid, nor do I see conspiracies everywhere.

But this strikes me as a bit of a concerted effort made by people who knew what to expect.

What is next?


Rick Ballard said...

Hey Terrye, we can be as paranoid as we want. Remember, Jamie offered free help.

Although I am a bit suspicious...

terrye said...

Yes Rick and in answer to my own question Judith Miller has decided to testify.

The Plame game begins anew.

flenser said...

Yes, when I heard about Miller, I wondered what has been coordinated.

terrye said...


And then comes a new release of Abu Ghraib pictures.

Considering the amount of rhetoric the left expends on Bush sending our "kids" off to die in Iraq, they certainly don't seem to mind pouring gasoline on the fire now do they?

So now we have Frist, Delay, Plame, and AbuGhraib in short order.

Meanwhile Shumer is saying that the recent scnadals have hurt the president to the point that the nuclear option is no longer an option in regards to a Supreme Court Justice.

I would like very much for Shumer to tell us all exactly where in the Constitution the founding fathers mention opinion polls.

Matters not what Bush's polls are, the majority is still the majority.

And the Democrats are not in the majority.

To achieve that they will have to win elections rather than trash Republicans. It seems they do not comprehend the difference.

Rick Ballard said...


Just good old fashioned politics. War to the knife, knife to the hilt, it costs time and money to hold prisoners, better not to take them and last man standing takes title to the field.

It's all about the second nomination and the Seven Dwarves (plus RINOs). We should look forward to this with pleased anticipation for it good well signal another step toward the end of the left.

Knucklehead said...


Makes one wonder if they've ever heard of the notion of picking one's battles.

The Left is so frantic that they've abandoned all sensibility and demand that their "warriors" engage the enemy everywhere, at all costs.

I suppose it is possible that they believe can raise the tempo and get inside the decision cycle.

I also suppose that the Diabolical RoveMaster sits atop his throne scratching his head, amused and just ever so slightly perplexed by their insatiable desire for combat everywhere and always, and figures there's no good reason to not allow them to continue expending ammo and energy to make tactical noise to no strategic effect.

It has a certain tinge of the unfair to it. Sorta as if one were watching Kasparov against some local HS champion whose parents somehow insisted on the match. Sad, but not very.

chuck said...

I wonder if the Dems don't see Katrina as a golden opportunity.

And I don't mean golden in the crude monetary sense.

Knucklehead said...


Have you seen Byron York? piece? Think this will show up on NPR anytime soon?

terrye said...


I heard about that, it has to be unethical.

How is it that this man has not been disbarred?

I also heard he was part of some documentary about bringing down DeLay.

The man is subtle, is he not?

Knucklehead said...


The man is subtle, is he not?

Yeah, that's it. You guys make me feel inadequate. Richard Earle makes me feel subtle. He's as subtle as my 75lb mutt (and about her equal in IQ as far as I can tell to this point).