The Press Has Another Lapham Moment

Saturday, September 24, 2005
Protein Wisdom has the latest scoop. No surprises here. "Thousands" exaggerated because account written and posted before the event. CSPAN comes through to expose reality. The kooks are out, but not in force!


Rick Ballard said...

Jeff does an excellent job of deconstructing the WaPo/AP piece. Interesting that the article first went up at 11AM Eastern - just about the time the rally got started. Are reporters for the AP issued crystal balls when hired or do they have to buy their own?

At times I seem to detect a faint bias in some of the media. They really shoud be careful about that. People might begin to wonder if there might be just a tiny hint of anti-Americanism in their coverage.

Space considerations must have prevented AP from noting that ANSWER is a Stalinist front.

Rick Ballard said...

Checking on Jennifer Kerr, the AP 'writer' credited in the WaPo story I find that shed did another free publicity piece for the demonstration on Thursday. Oddly, there seemed to be no space available on Thursday to name ANSWER as a Stalinist front either.

terrye said...

Sometimes I wonder if some of this bias is just part laziness as well. Maybe the reporter did not want to sacrifice a weekend to actually covering the protest. Just make something up for the folks back home.

Stuck on stupid.

It might as well be the motto for the media and the anti war demonstrators.

It has been several decades since the fabled anti war deomonstrations of the Viet Nam era...maybe these folks need a new look, something original.

Rick Ballard said...


It may be just rote incompetence. She may have written the article and put it on the wire with a "Do not use until XPM" and a staff flunky at the WaPo pushed the wrong button. They did continue to edit as the day went on.

It's not as if the SoSM has a reputation to protect.