Watched Terminator Lately?

Sunday, September 25, 2005
The robotic soldier of the future is here. Er, in Korea, actually. Which brings up the interesting question: if Europe continues to decline and innovative technology, particularly military technology, continues to be developed solely in Asia, what are the implications for the next World War? If a little tip of a peninsula off the coast of China can do this, what will happen when the full sleeping giant awakes?


terrye said...

I was watching an interesting National Geographic segment on the use of nano technology and the military.

It also discussed the use of genetic modifications in the military. Heat shields copied after beetles, armor from a synthetic thread based on spider webs.


Knucklehead said...


The article actually talks about a request for funding to develop a combat robot.

Early versions of such robots have long been in service. The bomb-squad robot and the camera robot that are inserted into threat situations to have a look around before humans are inserted are staples of law-enforcement.

The US has been working on more advanced versions for quite some time with field trials, IIRC, beginning.

This is one of those areas where, IMO, US and Japanese cooperation would yield huge results. The Japanese are perhaps the world's leader in robotic technology. The US is the world's leader in understanding the requirements and conditions of modern combat. Coupled together that ability to spec, develope, and field trial robotic "soldiers" the two nations could easily produce product at least two or three "generations" more advanced than anything SK or China could field.