No realistic hope for a conviction---and Prosecutor Earle doesn't give a damn!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
A prosecutor normally does not press charges if they think a conviction is unlikely. Ronnie Earle knows that he will not be able to put Tom Delay in jail. His actions are purely motivated by politics. The liberal establishment only cares about damaging DeLay’s effectiveness. We are going to see more of this in the future. The Democrats cannot win at the ballot box. They will instead opt to cripple Republicans in the court room. The GOP leadership naively passed a rule which compels them to remove their congressional leader if this individual is criminally indicted. It sounded good at the time. However, we are living in an entirely different era. The Democrats are desperate and have no hesitation to corrupt our criminal justice system in the pursuit of their goals.


terrye said...

This is the guy who went after Kay Bailey Hutchinson and the judge kicked the whole thing out of court.

It is partisan politics at its worst.

flenser said...


Is there no mechanism by which somebody like Earle can be removed? This kind of activity sounds like it must be in violation of something, even if its only the Texas bar code.

terrye said...


He was threatening to do this at a fundraising get together for Democrats not long ago.

Is that legal?

David Thomson said...

We live in very dangerous times. Ronnie Earle can get away with his nonsense only because of the Republican hating MSM. None of us are safe from the law being used to persecute those who dare to oppose the radical leftist agenda.

This viciously unfair indictment should scare everyone. You could be next.