Bow-tie Clad Robo Bartender

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ok, the robot sounds amazing, but what's with that bowtie?

Designed as a service robot, it supposedly can carry on conversations and fetch objects for people. Most impressively the Digital Chosunibo article states, "The most important function is the robot’s capacity to recognize things by its sense of touch. Since helper robots live with humans all the time, security is crucial. For that reason, synthetic skin which detects the texture of things like human skin is essential. The skin developed by a team led by Gang Dae-im and Kim Jong-ho from the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science has polyamide film and three-axis sensors that can detect vertical pressure and horizontal sliding. It is capable of recognizing the weight of objects with a less than 10 g margin of error when it holds a 100 g object."

That's really quite amazing, but I can't imagine the liability risk involved in something like that.

Anyhoo... I've long been waiting for the day when robots take over and make humans their pets. One step closer to my dream of laying around in the sun all day and getting scratched behind my ears.

Via: Monkeys for Helping


Syl said...


I got myself a bunch of little robots back in the '80's and had tons of fun with them. The little ones were single purpose. One little guy could sweep crumbs off the table after dinner...and wouldn't fall off the edge.

I programmed the big feller (well almost three feet tall) to tell Carlos he had 15 minutes 'til dinner and bring him a glass of wine.

Silly stuff.

But such a fascinating subject they are for real.

Of course I won't be satisfied 'til we get the kind that stars in Futurama (can't even remember his name). The kind that schemes and is funny. :)

Charlie (Colorado) said...

Be prepared.

Just in case.

terrye said...

Isn't this amazing?

Syl, the closest I came to living with a robot was my exhusband.

Syl said...

LOL Terrye!

Syl said...

I have a bunch of robots for DAz Studio (and Poser) and love playing with them. Here's a couple of recent favorites I did:

Deadly Beauty


The Dog Ate Your What?!?

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction is much more fun. :)