Tempting Fate

Thursday, November 24, 2005
On a day where folks all around the US are stuffed full of turkey comes a story about a bird that has figured out how to defang the mighty hunter. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Goofy grouse entertains 85-year-old hunter


Buddy Larsen said...

Beautiful. Stripped down and essential. In vein of Black Elk's Prayer, an actual translation from a Oglala medicine chief, taken from life (a la Little Big Man). I hadda google & see if the prayer had made it from the book onto the net--it did.

Buddy Larsen said...

Oops, comment misplaced. But grouse story does remind me of one I heard, about a place up in huntin' country where the people are born with dear (deer) faces and bare (bear) behinds. (*groan*)

Here in Texas many women bathe in Sweetwater and others dress in Plainview.