The Party's Over

Sunday, November 27, 2005
It seems that Cindy Sheehan is just about done. Maybe it was the laughing and dancing her grief away that got to people, but she is back in Crawford and it seems she is feeling kinda lonely.

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Peter UK said...

Personally I feel sorry for her,she is obviously not very bright and has sought to bury her grief through activism.
What is reprehensible are those who used the poor stupid woman for politicals ends.This circus cost a lot of money,satellite tv trucks,transport,media ghouls,living expenses,who paid?
Now she will be dropped like yesterdays starlet,the left and the anti-war crowd have taken what they want.
"Tomorrow" she will wake up, Casey will have gone,her fifteen minutes of fame will have gone,her money will have gone and her new friends will stop taking her calls.

terrye said...


And her husband will be gone too.

It seems Casey's father just could not deal with seeing his son's memory used in such a tacky and pathetic way.

Peter UK said...

I doubt that her new friends will lend her a helping hand....she is going to need it.
She looks a couple of tents short of a camp to me...poor benighted soul.

David Thomson said...

Who is paying Cindy Sheehan’s bills? How many people do you know that can spend most of their waking hours provoking the White House? My guess is that George Soros is taking care of her. What does he get in return? She gets to play the role of victim----because the MSM shy away from mentioning her hatred of Israel and instinctive hostility towards the country of her birth.

Peter UK said...

Cindy is a flake,she needs someone to take her by the hand,point her in the right direction,get her to park up in Massachusetts.

Buddy Larsen said...

Well, she certainly does beam the message of freedom out to the world. as in, if this weren't a free country, she'd be doing her giggling in the hoosegow by now, on treason charges. It's good when enemies are so discombobulated and scroungy that we look good just for having them as enemies.

Rick Ballard said...


I think that you're back to providence. No earthly power could have given the Republican party the gift of John "reporting for doody" Kerry, Joe "There's never been a bigger flake" Wilson, and Mother "Red" Sheehan. Not to mention George "gee, that sounds like a good idea, Markos" Soros to fund every left wing nut ball idea.

Toss in Harry "the undertaker" Reid and Nancy "night of the living dead" Pelosi as elected leaders and good ol' Howlin' Howie as party chair and Rep accomplishments don't look all that impressive.

Peter UK said...

I find Tedda the Hutt particularly impressive,there is that element of uncertainty and danger about him,neve quite know when his head splits open so he can swallow another rodent.

Buddy Larsen said...

Teddy "tax 'em 'til they scream" Kennedy just set up four trust funds on the island of Fiji, in order to avoid the estate taxes he's fighting so hard to keep as law for the rest oif us. Not kidding. Really. Google Teddy and Fiji--tho i haven't (it's in the new Hoover sponsored book "Do as I say, not as i do") so googled, i'm sure it's there.

Julian Biggs said...

here's a source for the real truth about the Civil War

Buddy Larsen said...

Rick, Providence is certainly the best explanation for how a deep, nuanced, intellect like JFKerry can be giving a stump speech these days that calls for both more troops, and immediate pullout--several paragraphs apart, presumably sufficient distancing for two opposing 'talking points'. Gotta use both sides--more and less--of every GWB state-of-being. whatever it is, it's over and under, always, together and simultaneously, what it 'should' be. Oh, where is Mies
van der Rohe when they need him?

Buddy Larsen said...

Julian, your link, that video--it's utterly hilarious. I had to watch it two or three times, and save it. It's an email 'sender'!

(...takes a minute or two to load, but worth it....)