The Mystery of the Missing WMD and the Killing Fields

Friday, November 18, 2005
I very much recommend checking outThe Anchoress who has two must read posts.

One of them has to do with a report from UNMOVIC concerning the removal from Iraq by Saddam's regime of illegal weapons as well as an update on Iraq/Al Qaida connections.

Ever notice how the media neglects to tell us these things? One might think they were a lot of partisan miscreants...or maybe they are just lazy. Neither inspires confidence.

I think they are afraid any such news might derail the WAR ON THE REPUBLICANS which of course includes the sweep in 2006 and triumphant impeachment hearings of George W. Bush to follow. They can not be bothered with reality. The rest of us are only window dressing.

The other post has to do with the mayhem that would follow an immediate American troop withdrawal from Iraq. This time the people making the call will have the blood on their hands. This time they will not evade responsibility for the Killing Fields. I am tired of this game we play where liberals never have to say they are sorry.

Not long ago Bono made the point that George Bush had walked the walk where Africa was concerned. Unlike so many other world leaders he had actually done something constructive for the people of that sad continent.

But he got no credit. Bill Clinton can play for the audience and get applause whether he has served a useful purpose or not. Bush can not even get a fair hearing.

But the left should remember that in 2008 Bush will be gone. And they will be left with the enemies they made trying to destroy him. They will have to deal with the fact that they have earned the disgust and disappointment of former Democrats such as myself. It might be hard to win without us.

And if they continue to play politics with Iraq they will have the blood of innocents on their hands. They can try to blame it on every one else and say if good ol Saddam was still running the place all would be well...but either way they have decided to side with Saddam, AlQaida or both...just to put the screws to George Bush.

This is not the behavior or a responsible national party.


truepeers said...

Terrye, you may want to have a look at this interview with a weapons inspector if you haven't already. And Pastorius had an interesting post on Saddam's yellow cake and the NYT a while ago. To tell you the truth, the WMD story leaves me completely baffled. Why can't people see that it was completely reasonable to think Saddam had WMD, as he surely did up until some point? Are we really to believe it all disappeared after 1991? It's as if once the 9-11 Report pronounced on the issue, it is heresy to pursue such questions. And it's as if to protect the present war effort, the white house cannot be seen to be engaging in debates that suggest they can't say "we were wrong", "we're sorry". BUt I'm with you Terrye, that it's the DEms who are completely divorced from reality and who can't be trusted until we hear some serious mea culpas. We must coddle BUsh's introduction of a new reality through at least a couple more elections yet.

Rick Ballard said...


Those darned accomodating Republicans are giving the Copperheads the floor tonight so that the Murtagh "Cut N' Run" act can be debated and voted upon.

Sedition set for vote.

You'd think they would put up more of a fight. At least the Copperheads will have a chance to put their vote on the record for next years elections.

If they locked the doors so the cowards coudn't escape.

terrye said...


Beware, I do not have a source for this but the last time I heard a number only about 19% of the American people want us to run away.

The Iraqis are going to vote in their government in a few weeks and the Democrats are doing everything they can to let them know they do not stand with them.

I wonder how the vote will go tonight? It will be interesting to see who does what.

terrye said...


Well you know what? We did not exactly sneak up on the son of a bitch. He might have done anything with that stuff.

As for 9/11 Commission findings, they missed Able Danger..who knows what else they might have missed?

chuck said...

I'm keeping an eye on Matheson who represents the 2'nd district (Salt Lake) here in Utah. His dad was a very popular governor but Matheson is a Democrat in a very red state; his seat is not exactly safe.

I just wish *all* the republicans were there to vote.

Rick Ballard said...


Matheson is in a safe seat. He had a 55/43 edge last time - he's only susceptible if there is a redistricting. I still doubt that he would risk a suicide vote though. You have to be in the 65% range for that.

terrye said...


Yes, where else is more important for them to be?

I wonder how the Democrats will vote?

It is one thing to egg Murtha on and accuse anyone who is critical of him of not supporting a war hero it is another to actually vote to bring home the troops.

More and more when I think of the Democrats I get the picture in my head of Monty away run away....

Buddy Larsen said...

Richard Miniter--I think bro of the WSJ's Brendan, has a book out titled "Disinformation". here's a paste of one promo:

1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium

1,500 gallons of chemical weapons agents

Chemical warheads containing cyclosarin (a nerve agent five times more deadly than sarin gas)

Over 1,000 radioactive materials in powdered form meant for dispersal over populated areas.

This is only a PARTIAL LIST of the horrific weapons verified to have been recovered in Iraq to date. Yet, Americans overwhelmingly believe U.S. and coalition forces found NO weapons of mass destruction.

The question is... WHY do they believe this lie?

Buddy Larsen said...

And Terrye, re 'disinfo' & your mention above of Able Danger, take a look at the letter from Joe Noordgard of Fair Haven, NJ.

Awful lotta pain in that letter...reminds us of what it must be like to be suspended in endless purgatory inside one of these smelly deals where you know the facts exist, but are being withheld by pols covering their party's ass. Or covering the ass party, donkeycratically-speaking.

Moses Whine said...

I see this blog sucks as much ass as Roger "OSM OMG ROFL" Simon's does.

Buddy Larsen said...

Good rejoinder, moses. Perhaps your position has merit after all. At any rate, you've given us some keen observation, much to mull, plenty of food for thought. Thanks!